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NIT Trichy Convocation 2017

Dear Graduand,
Convocation is a special day in the academic life of students as after years of hard work and dedication; they get their hard earned education degrees. Wearing the traditional academic regalia and walking up the stage is the dream of every student in front of one’s classmates, friends and family members who have supported them in their difficult endeavor. It is a defining moment in every student’s life giving a boost to one’s self-esteem.
The academic excellence and reputation of any institution depends on the quality of education and training imparted. The much awaited convocation ceremony is a proof of the quality of training that went into transforming the student into a graduand, ready to take on the responsibilities in building the nation. The special moment has arrived.
We are glad to inform you that the 13th convocation of the institute will be held on Saturday, the 12th August, 2017 at 03:30 PM. at the Golden Jubilee Convention Hall. Padma Vibhushan N. R. Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys has consented to be the chief guest for the grand event.
Padma Vibhushan N. R. Narayana Murthy
Founder, Infosys
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli confers the degree of Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) on Shri N. Chandrasekaran Chairman, TATA Sons
Shri N. Chandrasekaran
Chairman, TATA Sons
The Director, Faculty, Staff and Students, take a great pleasure in cordially inviting you for the Convocation. 

The graduands are requested to read the following instructions carefully:

1. Prior to Convocation

  • The post graduate students (M.Tech., M.Sc., MCA, MBA, MS, Ph.D.) will have to provide their previous academic certificate (e.g. B.Tech.) without which they will not be eligible to receive the degree during convocation. The students who have not submitted earlier can send the scanned copy of the document to degree@nitt.edu on or before 31.07.2017.
  • The students who have dues in the Institute fee / CSG / Hostel / Library will have to clear the dues before the convocation, without which they will not be allowed to receive the degree during convocation. The students who have not cleared the dues can clear / pay the dues and send the scanned copy of the proof to degree@nitt.edu on or before 31.07.2017.
  • Consent form for by MS and Ph.D. graduands
MS and Ph.D. graduands should submit the filled in “Consent form for attending / not attending the convocation” along with the receipt (SB-collect) for Rs. 1000/-.

2. Online Registration

  • It is essential to mention in the online registration form whether you wish to receive the DEGREE IN-PERSON or DEGREE IN-ABSENTIA.
  • It is essential to mention a current postal address in the online registration form, if you wish to receive the DEGREE IN-ABSENTIA.
  • For online registration click:
(E-mail / hard copy will not be entertained)
The last date for the online registration is 31.07.2017

3. On Campus Registration / Convocation Gowns (on the day of the Convocation) 

  • Registration time: On campus registration will commence in ORION from 8:00 AM on 12-08-2017. Please note that the on campus registration closes by 11:30 AM. Late registration shall not be allowed.
  • The official invitation, token for convocation gown will be issued at the time of on campus registration. 
  • Reception Office
    Orion Building
    12-08-2017, 8:00 AM – 11.30 AM,
  • Department faculty member in-charge of registration will be available in the convocation reception office.
    • Kindly register your name.
    • Collect the token for the gown, food coupons and entry pass for the guests of the registrants. (Maximum of 2 accompanying person / graduand will be allowed)
    • Only one token for the Gown will be issued per registered (on campus) graduand. Proxy will not be allowed.
  • The Institute will arrange to supply the gown for the occasion at the Reception office (ORION). Please collect your gowns on 12th August, 2017, during 08:00 AM to 11:30 AM which shall be returned immediately after the convocation.
  • A refundable deposit of Rs. 300/- has to be deposited while collecting the gown. The deposit towards the gown shall be refunded on the return of the gown immediately after convocation.
  • Registration counter will be closed by 11:30 AM. Graduands cannot be registered after 11:30 AM.  All graduands attending the convocation must compulsorily register between 8.00 AM - 11:30 AM on 12.08.2017.

4. Program Schedule

07:30 AM    Breakfast counter at mess B opens
08:15 AM    On campus registration, food coupons and gowns distribution commences
09:00 AM    Breakfast counter closes
11:00 AM    On campus registration and gowns distribution closes
11:00 AM    Rehearsal in convention hall (mandatory)
11:45 AM    Lunch counter at Mess B opens
01:00 PM    Lunch counter at Mess B closes
02:30 PM    Entrance gates at convention hall closes
03:25 PM    Academic procession arrives at the hall
03:30 PM    Invocation
03:33 PM    Convocation declared open by the Chairperson, BoG
03:34 PM    Welcome address and presentation by the Director
03:51 PM    Address by the chief guest
04:15 PM    Award of degrees to the graduands
06:01 PM    Award of medals and prizes to the graduates
06:21 PM    Pledge by new Graduates
06:27 PM    Convocation declared closed by the Chairperson, BoG
06:28 PM    National anthem
06:30 PM    Academic procession leaves the hall

5. Rehearsal (On the day of the Convocation)

Graduands are requested to assemble in the Golden Jubilee Convention Hall at 11:00 AM for a rehearsal.

6. Seating in the Golden Jubilee Convention Hall

  • The entry gates to the convocation hall will open at 01:00 PM. Please proceed to the convocation hall after you have collected your gown.
  • Entry pass will be issued to the guests of the registrants. Possession of entry pass is mandatory to occupy a seat in the convocation hall. Maximum of two guests are allowed per registered graduand.
  • The seating arrangements for Parents / Guests are in the reserved areas duly marked inside the hall by placards.
  • The graduands are requested to wear formal attire befitting the occasion. The convocation gown is compulsory. Please occupy the seat by 01:00 P.M.
  • Graduands will not be allowed to enter / leave the convocation hall after 2:30 PM and until the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • The audience shall remain standing at their respective seats when the academic procession enters, proceeds towards the dais and till the end of national song Vande mataram.
  • It is mandatory that the decorum of the solemn occasion of convocation should be maintained by all until the academic procession leaves the convocation hall.
  • Please note that children below 12 years are not allowed into the convocation hall.
  • Those who reach after 11:30 AM on 12.08.2017 can only receive the degree certificate after the convocation from the Academic Office.
  • In case you are unable to be attend the convocation, the degree certificate will be sent to your address by SPEED POST after the convocation (approximately 15 days). Any change in the address, after registration may kindly be e-mailed to degree@nitt.edu. This information can be provided in the online registration form also.

7. Distribution of Degrees

  • The convocation will begin by 3:30 PM.
  • Graduands will receive their degree certificates in person from the Director on the dais.
  • Degrees will be awarded to all recipients (who have registered at the Convocation Reception Office before 11.30 AM on 12.08.2017) in the alphabetical order of department name. Further, the sequence is Ph.D., MS (by Research), M.Tech., M.Sc. and B.Tech. / B.Arch. degrees.
  • As the names of degree recipients are called out, they shall proceed, one by one, to the dais in a line following the specified order (Ph.D., MS, M.Tech., M.Sc. and B.Tech. / B.Arch.).
  • The procedure mentioned below must be followed while receiving the degree:
    • Walk on to the stage from the left side ramp
    • While moving to the dais for receiving the degree from the Director, please bow before the Chief Guest, Chairman, Board of Governors, Director and Guests of Honour. 
    • While receiving the degree from Director, look towards the camera; to freeze your moment of glory in a clear picture.
    • After receiving the degree, please walk down through the ramp (right side) and go back to your seat.
    • Please avoid handshakes while receiving the degree.
  • The recipient of the President’s Gold Medal shall read the pledge, and all the other degree recipients shall stand up and take the oath by reciting the same.
  • Graduands remain silent at all times, until the academic procession leaves the convocation hall.
  • The audience shall remain standing till the academic procession leaves the Hall.

8. Important Dates

Online registration for attending convocation in person commences on
19.07.2017 (5.00 PM)
Online registration will be closed on
31.07.2017 (5.00 PM)
11:00 AM, Saturday, 12th August 2017, Golden Jubilee Convention Hall
Graduands to be present at the 13th convocation
2:30 PM, Saturday, 12th August 2017, Golden Jubilee Convention Hall
Convocation starts
3:30 PM, Saturday, 12th August 2017,  Golden Jubilee Convention Hall

Note : The Institute bus will be available at Tiruchirappalli Junction (Railway Junction) at 9:00 PM on 11.08.2017 and between 4:30 to 5:30 AM on 12.08.2017 to provide transport facility to the graduands to reach the institute.

Graduands who have dues are instructed to clear the same well before the convocation day. Else they may receive only photocopy of their degree (on stage). Cash payment on the day of convocation will not be entertained in any case.

Contact Details

Dean (Academic)
National Institute of Technology
Tiruchirappalli - 620 015
Tamil Nadu, India
Telephone : +91 (431) 2503918 (Office)
Fax : +91 (431) 2500133 (o/o Director)
Email : degree@nitt.edu


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