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Lack of funds hits installation of water purifier in Kollidam scheme

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The civic body's promise to install a mega water purifier to deal with iron contamination in water supplied under the Kollidam drinking water scheme remains pending even after a year.
Lack of funds has been cited by the city corporation for putting the project on hold, apart from the certification given by experts that the water is potable.
For the last couple of years, not a single council meeting of the city corporation has gone without discussing the water supplied from the Kollidam cooperative drinking water scheme.
"The issue has been raised for over 2 years now. The civic body last year found that two three collector wells to have iron contamination. The concentration was found to be high in one of the wells," said Manjula a resident from Renga Nagar in Vayalur road.
Aiga Engineers, a private firm engaged by the civic body to find out effective ways to purify water supplied under the scheme, had installed a pilot purification plant last year at a cost of Rs 1.43 lakh to test the water using oxidation and filtration method.
Water was treated in this method for over one week in August 2016 and the iron content was found to be below 0.1mg per litre in the treated water. Further, turbidity could also be reduced to a significant extent.

While iron contamination below 0.3mg per litre is considered potable, water samples collected from the well over a period of time were found to have concentrations between 0.6 to 1.6mg per litre.
Although iron contamination may not cause health problems in humans, its presence is unpleasant due to the bad odour apart from its rusty taste and colour which has the tendency to stain cloths, said experts.
A detailed project report is being prepared which would be sent to the state government seeking funds. It has been one year since the civic body had given assurance for the project, but residents from over 20 wards which get water supply from the scheme had to bear with unclear water, which according to them is unfit for even washing, let alone drinking.
A senior official from the city corporation said a treatment plant is unlikely in the near future as the civic body may not be able to afford to set up the facility which may cost over Rs 1.5 crore.


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