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Breast milk bank at GH a boon to newborns

THE breast milk bank with the Tiruchy GH, which has been functioning for the last two years, has been auguring well for the infants who can-not be fed directly by their mothers for medical reasons, related to the child or the mother. Even as exclusive breast feed is envisaged for infants till 6 months of age and breast feeding week is observed across the world from August 1 to August 7 to promote the same, sometimes new mothers may not be in a position to directly feed their infants due to their own health conditions. Some other times, the infant who is premature or under-weight or having some other medical condition at birth, would have been advised to be not on direct breast feed. A breast milk bank is a boon in
all such situations Besides, by donating their breast milk, mothers, who can lactate for two years from de-livery can prevent chances of developing Galactoceles(milk cysts developed in the breast) and breast engorgement. Health sources said that now young mothers are very well aware on exclusive breast feeding for the new born for the first six months so as to en-sure the required nutrients for the babies' growth and to boost immunity naturally. However, some mothers may not be in a position to breast feed their babies due to medical reasons, like active or untreated tuberculosisor premature delivery In such situations, these mothers can feed their babies with breast milk donated by other lactating women using hospital grade breast pumps at a hygienic environment.

Source: epaper. newindianexpress. com//c/21187397

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