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3 residents awarded gold for segregating waste

THE city Corporation on Wednesday awarded a gold coin each to three residents for extensively supporting the civic body's revised solid waste management (SWM) practice being pursued for the past couple of months. As an incentive, three residents are being awarded a gold coin each every week and the competition will last a year. This practice has been picked up by other civic bodies across the State.

 The three residents were awarded gold coins by the Police Commissioner A Arun at the Corporation office on Wednesday. Corporation Com-missioner N Ravichandran was also in attendance. Unlike the usual waste collection practice during which sanitation workers during door-to-door collection of waste would receive trash containing both biodegradable (vegetable and
food waste) and non-bio degradable (plastic covers and bottles) waste, since the irst week of June, they have been collecting biodegradable waste every day except Wednesdays. Wednesdays have been ear-marked for collecting only dry non-bio degradable waste. The civic body, to further improve the waste collection process, launched the competition for city residents in the first week of July. Residents interested in participating in the competition can click and send a picture of them involved in SWM activity along with their address and mobile number to a dedicated WhatsApp account -84894-44400 - of the civic body. Upon receiving entries, the Corporation would hold a computerised draw, through which three resi-dents would be selected as win-ners of the coins. This week's winners are Ramanan of Ward No. 10, Shabhi of Ward No. 23 and Amudha of Ward No. 18.
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