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Wall paintings at Srirangam station

The ambience of Srirangam Railway Station is getting a facelift with wall paintings being undertaken at selected spots at the station. The exercise which commenced on Wednesday is expected to be completed on Friday.

The Tiruchi Railway Divisional authorities are carrying out this initiative through sponsorship, a senior railway official said. The oil paintings have been done on walls at four spots inside the station by engaging private artists from Tiruchi.

The multi-colour paintings are that of Srirangam temple, a peacock, tiger and elephant-bull combination. The official said the initiative was put in place with a view to improving the ambience of Srirangam station and preventing defacing of walls.

Plans were afoot to carry out similar initiative at the Tiruchi Railway Junction, a major station in the Southern Railway zone. The divisional railway authorities have decided to install additional chairs at Srirangam, Tiruchi and Tiruverumbur railway stations.

A total number of 69 chairs have been procured from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development fund. The additional seating facility would be in place soon at the three stations.


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