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UGC unveils draft regulations for online degree, diploma courses

Image result for ugc guidelines for online degreeTHE University Grants Commission has drafted a new regulation laying down the minimum standards of instruction for the grant of degree or diploma through on-line mode. The UGC (Online Education) Regulations 2017 will ap-ply for all degree or diploma programmes other than programmes in engineering, medicine, dental, pharmacy, nursing, architecture, physiotherapy and programmes not permitted to be offered in online mode by any other regulatory body The entire programme delivery process should be conducted online via a suitably designed on-line technology platform, which needs to be integrated with IRD-AI-Aadhatu; in order to verify the identity of learners, at the time of application as well as through the duration of the programme including examinations the draft regulation says. Each online course should be semester based and will consist of 14-16 weeks of academic work proportionate to award of credits and the level of programme.

Continuous assessment should be adopted and the in semester assessment will have 25-30 per cent weightage and end semester examination will have 70-75 percent weightage, it adds. "Examinations should be conducted online, in technologically supervised mode. Online computer based testing platforms with provisions for integration with UIDAI-Aadhaar and live audio/ video monitoring via webcam and screen capture shall be used," the regulation reads. A University, which is mini-mum five years old and has a minimum NAAC score of 325 on 4 point scale, is eligible to con-
duct an online programme. Learners to be enrolled for the online courses are to be acquaint-ed with requisite information literacy and communication skills in order to effectively participate in the online learning environment. However, for the learners who are not tech savvy, some hands-on training or virtual demo may be provided to ensure that they have acquired relevant IT competencies to participate in online learning. It should be noted that the Central government has recently launched Swayam, an indigenous developed IT platform that facilitates hosting of all courses taught from Class IX till post-graduation, to be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at anytime and Swayam Prabha, a group of 32 DM channels devoted to telecast-ing of high-quality educational programmes on 24X7 basis using the GSAT-15 satellite.

Highlights Courses will be semester based (14-16 weeks) Continuous assessment (In semester assessment) will have 25-30 percent weightage and end semester examination will have 70-75 percent weightage Exams will be conducted online, with provisions for integration with UIDAI-Aadhaar and live audio/video monitoring via webcam and screen capture Entire programme will be conducted online on a platform, which is Integrated with UIDAI-Aadhaar Hands-on training or a virtual demo will be given to students, who are not tech savvy
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