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Tigerair wraps up operations, completes merger with Scoot

Image result for scoot airlinesNine months after Singapore-headquartered Tigerair and Scoot, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, announced their merger, the companies officially announced here on Tuesday that the integration process was complete. From now on, all Tigerair flights will operate under the Scoot brand.

“Tigerair’s last flight departed Singapore for Tiruchirappalli at 23:05 on July 24. This marks the completion of the Scoot-Tigerair integration process that began last May when the airlines were brought under a common holding company, Budget Aviation Holdings,” a statement said.

Tigerair’s website has begun redirecting visitors to Scoot’s webpage. Scoot started its operations in India last year. It will now take up operations of destinations which were catered to by Tigerair till now such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Tiruchirappalli and Lucknow.

Scoot will be operational in five new destinations by June 2018 including Honolulu, Scoot’s maiden US destination, and Harbin in Northeast China. The remaining three are short-haul destinations – Kuching and Kuantan in Malaysia, and Palembang in Indonesia. Coupled with Tigerair network, this will bring Scoot’s total destination count to 65 across 18 countries.

Scoot CEO Lee Lik Hsin said, “As we come to the end of Tigerair’s journey, we open up a brand new chapter for Scoot. Building on what Tigerair and the old Scoot had achieved since their respective inceptions, we are stronger than we have ever been before.”

Further, to celebrate the merger to the single Scoot brand, the company is offering special one-way promotional fares from Bengaluru to Singapore (Rs 5,599), Bali (Rs 9,799), Hong Kong (Rs 10,499), Melbourne/Sydney (Rs 12,499) apart from an additional 10 per cent through promotional codes for a booking period from July 25 to August 6, 2017.

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