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The Butterfly Effect

13-year-old N Bhuvaneshwari studying in a city school walking to the Butterfly Park here was a dream. The teenager is so fascinated by butterflies that she even has signed up for a course to learn about them. She is not the only one. A lot of teenagers in the city are now signing up for the course, and also visiting the park to understand the importance of butterflies in the ecosystem. Spread across 25 hectares, the Butterfly

Park is located amidst a calm space near Srirangam. The project also constitutes of a Nakshatra Vanam which have frees related to the zodiac signs and stars of Indian astrology. A pet project of the late CM J Jayalalithaa, it was launched in 2012. So far, at least eight lakh people have visited the park, claim the forest authorities Speaking to CE, Mohan Prasath one of the Coimbatore-based 'butterfly experts' from Butterflies of Tamil Nadu, said, "We are organising one-day courses in association with the Forest Department, where those interested can learn to identify different kinds of
butterflies and study their habitats?' College students from several institutions have already signed up for the course, which costs a humble 2100 including food and refreshment& "Butterflies play a vital role in the ecosystem, there is a co-evolutionary relationship between butterflies and plants - their lives are interlinked. They are also very beautiful to simply look at, and they enhance the aesthetic value of the environment with their exquisite wing colours. They are the wild indicators of the ecosystem; and are effective pollinators," signed off Prasath.
source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/20760742 

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