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Aadi is not complete without purchase of new garments. Right from Day 1 of the Tamil month, people are thronging textile shops to buy new clothes. Express highlights the Aadi special sale in the city.

COME Aadi, discount posters and danglers are prominently displayed at textile showrooms to attract customers. A few days into the month, textile outlets are reporting gradual rise in sales compared to previous months. The management of a textile showroom at Singarathope said the number of customers has increased and over 20,000 footfalls recorded per day. S Kathirvelu, a 34-year-old employee with a private firm, said that his garment purchase on Saturday has crossed over 8,000 as he is buying in advance for a marriage scheduled in 'Avani' (the Tamil month after Aadi). 'As there are many discount offers this season, one can buy clothes at affordable prices So I planned in advance to purchase garments for my brother's wedding next month," he said. Besides buying clothes during the auspicious month of Aadi, many would gift clothes to their loved ones as well. J Rupa, a Class III student holding her father's hand said that she loves the variety of clothes displayed and her dad has bought her a favorite frock. An octogenarian, K Balakrishnan said that Aadi is specially dedicated to newly-weds as the couple would purchase more garments. Apart from that, many people buy clothes in advance planning for ensuing rituals and weddings. Speaking to Express, a staff
with Saratha's, a famous textile outlet in the city said that the sale has increased gradually as only a few days have passed since the start of the month. "Each year, the shop experiences an increase of 20 per cent in sales at this time, because many customers pur-chase clothes during Aadi season and the price drops. Many customers would buy clothes for the
upcoming rituals and also for Deepavali and New Year, well in advance." Natura and Prathyo-h as wedding saris are the new arrivals this season, he added. People flock the city streets, especially Singarathope, where all the ready-made and textile pur-chases can be made at an afford-able cost. "I prefer clothes from a makeshift textile shop because of
No houses for rent during Aadi During Aadi, as per the Tang( custom, no ritualsor auspicious events would be conducted. The same applies with renting out houses too. The landlords do not rent out to new tenants during the month. S Micheal, new to the city and looking fora two BHK apartment for rent has been In a fix as he could not find any vacant flat available for rent. "After a long a tedious search, I could not find any apartment for rent this month. Finally, the one which I have found near Thillal Nagar was denied as the house owner was not Interested In renting out his house this month: lamented Micheal.
source: epaper . newindianexpress.com//c/20770483 

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