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Segregate domestic waste efficiently, bag gold

TO encourage city residents segregate domestic waste at source, the Corporation has planned to award one-gm gold coin every week to one selected resident for the efficient segregation. From this mid-week, the civic body would identify one among the residents, who properly implement the practice, and ask them to send a photograph of the waste collection to a dedicated Whatsapp number which would announce the winner in a day. From the first week of June, the practice of sanitary workers collecting waste from door-to-door that contains both biodegradable (vegetable and food waste) and non-biodegradable (plastic covers and bottles) has gone. Now, the workers receive biodegradable waste everyday except Wednesdays, which has been earmarked for collecting only the dry non-biodegradable waste. Owing to widespread awareness, a substantial amount of garbage was prevented from reaching the Corporation dump-yard in Ariyamangalam and was sent for recycling. "Residents who segregate the domestic trash can send us a pic-ture of their waste collection strategy to our Whatsapp account which will be disclosed on Wednesday. On merit, the resi-dents who have sent us pictures would be selected througha computerised lot system. We have been planning to continue the drive for a year," Corporation Commissioner N Ravichandran told Express. City-based jewellers Mangal and Mangal have come forward to sponsor the initiative to rope in the public. "The process will commence from Wednesday. Prior to that, we will announce the WhatsApp number which can be used by the residents to send the pictures. Across the 65 wards, one resident per week would be rewarded, this would further motivate residents to help the civic body in keeping the city dean," the Commissioner added.

What should residents do? SEGREGATE the waste separately in two bins each respectively for biodegradable and non-biode-gradable waste. Click a picture of the waste collection, and send to Corporation's WhatsApp number (soon to be disclosed) What Corporation will do? UPON getting the pictures, Corporation would club all the photographs sent by residents, and a computer will select a winner. The selected resident would be conveyed through the WhatsApp account through which they had sent the picture to the civic body Every week, one resident across the 65 wards would be awarded one-gm gold coin.
Source: epaper . newindianexpress. com/c/20272923 

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