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Security measures to be stepped up at airport

Security measures at the airport here will soon get bolstered further with the introduction of Biometric based Access Control System.

Guarded by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel round-the-clock aided by surveillance cameras, the new system would cover certain sensitive areas within the airport.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the regulatory authority for civil aviation security, and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) are involved in the new exercise.

Image result for Trichy airport securityUnder the new system, access control devices would be installed at entry and exit gates of certain sensitive spots including operation area, vehicle gate leading to the operational area, cargo area and at the international terminal building.

Before executing the system, BCAS and AAI officials carried out a survey at the airport.

Entry into the sensitive areas through the gates would be either by stamping the thumb impression or displaying cards proposed to be given to the staff. Doors of sensitive spots would get opened by displaying the card or stamping the thumb impression, the official said. Access rights would be given by the Security Directorate of the AAI, Tiruchi.

The objective is to prevent any unauthorised entry into the high secure points at the airport. The new system would cover over 15 sensitive spots at the old airport building and new international terminal building which witnesses heavy movement of passengers in the morning and late night hours.

Works relating to installing the new system was expected to be completed next month. The new system is being implemented when vigil has been enhanced by deploying a chain of cameras to cover more designated areas at the airport. Over 50 cameras were being installed at chosen spots.

The cameras would act as manpower multiplier apart from deployment of CISF personnel. The airport has been provided with nearly 300 CISF personnel.


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