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Post merger, Tiger Airways suspends cargo ops

Image result for scoot airlines cargoTIGER Airways, flying to Singapore, has suspended its cargo operations from Tiruchy, citing a merger of the airlines with Scoot Airways. As the airline company has been operating 14 services in a week, carrying at least 3 tonnes, the move has irked the exporters in Tiruchy. According to authorities with AAI Cargo and Logistics Allied Services Company Ltd, Tiruchy
Airport, an official notification was issued here through Tiger Airways' registered courier company that the cargo operations will remain suspended until further notice, from Tiruchy Airport to Singapore. A total of three tonnes of cargo are being sent daily from Tiruchy to Singapore including perishable goods like vegetables and exotic fishes, the officials added. In the absence of Tiger Airways cargo operations, the exporters may switch to other airlines.
Almost all perishable com-modifies from Tiruchy are being sent to Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and Maldives. Though there is no dedicated freight service from Tiruchy Airport, the South East Asian nations are used as a hub from which goods are sent to other countries. A senior official with the car-go section said, "The airline has not given a specific date to resume operations. However, four other airlines, which can
take the maximum to accommodate the three tonnes transport-ed by Tiger Airways, can aid the exporters." The official also cautioned that in the long run, if the operations take longer to resume, it could be a problem. S Krishnamoorthy, an exporter said that four other services of Air Asia daily and Malindo Air are aiding with the exports. With Air Asia flying 28 services a week, the ex-porters are hoping to rely on the Malaysian carrier for exports.
source: epaper . newindianexpress. com//c/20905727 

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