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Poor arrivals push banana prices up in Tiruchi market

Prices of different varieties of banana have shot up in Tiruchi market due to poor arrivals. Normally, prices of banana would rule high during festival seasons. Although there was no festival round the corner, prices have been increasing steadily in Tiruchi market. On Monday, a bunch of high quality of Poovan weighing 30 kg was quoted at ₹500 in the wholesale market. A kilogram of Poovan variety of banana was sold at ₹30. In the retail market, one kg of the banana was priced at ₹50.
The price of Pachaladan, one of the most sought after varieties, also ruled high. One bunch of the banana (30 to 40 kg), with high quality fruits, was auctioned for ₹600 in Gandhi market.
It was Rasthali, among all other varieties, which fetched high prices to the farmers. One bunch was auctioned for ₹600 to ₹800. The rise in prices was attributed to poor arrivals owing to the prevailing drought condition.
As against the normal arrival of 15,000 to 20,000 bunches of Poovan variety, the market received less than 5,000 bunches on Monday. It was said that the market would usually receive banana from Thottiyam, Lalgudi, Musiri, Tirukkattupalli, Pettavaithalai and Pudukottai. However, the supply from Lalgudi and Thottiyam had come down drastically due to drought conditions. The market currently received banana mainly from Cuddalore district.
Similarly, the arrival of Rasthali variety also came down to just 1,000 bunches as against the normal arrival of 5,000 bunches.
“Most of the banana growing areas have been severely hit by drought. It has ultimately caused poor yield to farmers,” said R. Arun Kumar of S.R. Plantain Commission Mandi, Gandhi Market.
He added that though there was poor arrival to the market, the rates had not gone up to the corresponding level due to less consumption of banana by consumers because of the windy season. Otherwise, the rates would have gone up by at least 30 % more over the current prices. The prices of banana were expected to rise further in the middle of August, Mr. Kumar said.

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