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Plan to tackle water crisis

Nine bore wells to be sunk at a cost of ₹ 71 lakh

To tide over the water crisis, the Tiruchi Corporation has embarked upon an emergency plan to augment water supply.

Sinking of new bore wells, deepening of existing bore wells, rehabilitation of hand pumps and crack down on illegal tapping of drinking water form part of the plan.

Since the residents had been facing water scarcity for the last few weeks, Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran conducted a brain storming session with the city engineers and water managers recently. The meeting took stock of the impact of alternative day water supply, which was introduced from the third week of July.

As per the emergency plan, nine bore wells would be sunk at a cost of ₹ 71 lakh in the Cauvery river and the Coleroon river. Similarly, new bore wells would be sunk at 135 locations in the city.

Mr. Ravichandran told The Hindu that five bore wells would be sunk in the Cauvery near Kambarasampettai and four in the Coleroon.

The works had already been started.

There were 1,764 public bore wells in different parts of the city to supply water for other than drinking purposes. In addition to this, new bore wells would be sunk at 135 locations at a cost of ₹ 197 lakh. Officials had been directed to complete the task within 15 days. The emergency plan would be helpful to reduce the water demand to an extent, Mr. Ravichandran said.


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