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People demand for AIIMS Location in Sengipatti.

MEMBERS of the Federation of Consumer Service Organisations and AIMS Coordination Committee, on Friday, staged a protest in Tiruchy to reiterate their demand for set-ting up an AIIMS hospital at Sengipatti in Thanjavur. Stating that Thanjavtur was the deserving location due to its proximity to several districts in central Tamil Nadu, the protesters alleged that a section of elected representatives m South Tamil Nadu were playing divisive politics regarding the establishment of AIMS here. M Sekaran, president of Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations said, "Instead of working to establish an AIIMS facility in Tamil Nadu, a few elected representatives are trying to divide and moot a hostile situation between people of Madurai and Thanjavur for their political gain. As a Central team has visited the proposed spots to identify a suitable site which is reportedly Sengipatti, politicians should stay away from the selection process instead of jeopardising the dream project of delta people." Taking potshots at the Union Minister Pon Rad-hakrishnan, the protesters said that instead of commenting on the possible location for establishing AIIMS, the Minister should concentrate on completing pending road and bridge projects in Tamil Nadu. The demonstration was attended by the medical practitioners in and around Tiruchy who claimed that health indicators are poorer in central districts such as Ariyalur, Perambalur, and Nagapattinam. "Considering the population and geography of the State, our elected representatives can pitch for another AIIMS facility instead of objecting against the selection of Sengipatti as preferred site. If smaller States both in terms of land and population can get an AIMS facility Tamil Nadu with broad landscape and population above 8 crore can be provided with two MIMS," Dr M A Aleem, former Vice Principal, KAPV Government Medical College, said while taking part in the protest.


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