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Parking lots on railway land proposed

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THE increase in the number of heavy vehicles has prompted the Railways to offer its land for parking, at a price. Tiruchy Railway Division, which has huge amounts of vacant land under Good Shed Bridge, has proposed using it for parking of heavy vehicles in the city. With several places in the city congested due to the parking of heavy vehicles close to temples and marriage halls, the Railways hopes to lease the land to a contractor. Of late, Tiruchy Railway Division has begun sprucing up its premises since the announcement of Swachh rankings and also raking in revenues by utilising railway space for useful purposes. The front portion of the railway premises has already being let out for parking for the differently abled and a new 9000 sq. m area to allow passengers to park Authorities are now scouting for land in other stations under Tiruchy division such as Srirangam and Fort for premium car parking services and heavy vehicles. A senior Tiruchy Railway Divi-sion official sa id, "Abundant land is available underneath Good Shed Bridge, which is being utilised by several trucks while  Abundant land Is available below the Good Shed Bridge, which is being utilised by several trucks while transporting goods to various places transporting goods to various places. With the place remaining vacant most of the time, heavy vehicles which require space for parking can be brought to the locality and plans are in the advanced stage". It is to be recalled that recently, drivers of trucks parked in the goods yard and used to transport fertilisers and other commodities, created a ruckus by not pay-ng fees to the parking contractor, However, the matter was settled amicably by truck drivers agree-ing to a heavily subsidised fee. Tiruchy railway authorities have also made for premium parking service for cars at Fort Railway Station by clearing the premises along the railway quarters and also at Srirangam, for the convenience of devotees who visit the temple there.

Source: epaper.new indianexp ress . com/c/20301600

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