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No more embarkation cards from July 1

Image result for embarkation cards indiaNew system has come into force from July 1

Indians flying abroad from the airport here no longer have to fill up embarkation cards prior to boarding overseas flights thanks to a directive from the Central government.

The system has been withdrawn with effect from July 1. So, the immigration wing has discontinued the system of issuing or obtaining embarkation cards. Until recently, air passengers have to fill up the cards with details like name, date of birth, passport number, residential address, flight number, date of boarding, purpose of visit, telephone number and those pertaining to ECR (Emigration Check Required).

The immigration authorities used to circulate the cards to those flying abroad through the respective airline and collect them prior to completing immigration clearance formalities.

The practice had been discontinued as the data was available in the computerised system at the airport. It has been done to make journey hassle-free.

The Tiruchi airport witnesses movement of over 190 overseas flights a week to Colombo, Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sharjah. On an average, 2,000 passengers board different flights from Tiruchi every day with majority of them being Indian passport holders.

Air Asia airline is on top among other carriers operating four flights every day from Tiruchi. The other carriers are Sri Lankan Airlines, Tiger Airways, Malindo Air and Air India Express.

Tiruchi is unique among non-metro airports in the country witnessing more international flight movements than domestic service. The practice of seeking embarkation cards from foreigners departing from India had been stopped. However, foreigners would have to fill up the disembarkation cards upon arrival into the country at the airports.


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