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Need for service lane from EB Road to Chennai Bypass

The winding route starting on East Boulevard Road and ending at the intersection point between Palpannai and the left diversion to Oyamari Road along the Chennai Bypass Road is now a busy stretch.

And this has spawned a demand among road users for strengthening of the link, especially at the rather narrow level-crossing close to the Town Station.

While the service lane from Palpannai and the diversion to Oyamari road serves the purpose of swift connectivity for people residing along Thanjavur Road to the business nerve centre of the city, the return in the opposite direction had been rendered impossible as the main carriageway was constructed without provision for a subway at the Oyamari turning.

Motorists are required to take a left turn and move on for quite a few km to take a ‘U’ turn. On the other hand, those taking the course of the underdeveloped link from EB Road to Chennai Bypass Road are able to save substantial fuel and time.

According to call taxi drivers, there was another option that could be explored. The fuller utility of the Oyamari Road could be derived if the discontinuity in the service lane link along the Chennai Bypass Road was rectified, such that a passage was provided on to the lane by widening it further for two-way movement of vehicles.

Since the first choice of motorists was to avoid getting into the congested Gandhi Market area, initiatives need to be taken for strengthening the connectivity between rapidly urbanising Ariyamangalam-Tiruverumbur stretch and the Chathiram Bus Stand, the shopping nerve-centre, they emphasised.


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