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GPS-enabled 108 ambulances to hasten rescue

THE GVK EMRI emergency management service, better known as 108 ambulance service, is busy fixing Global Positioning System (GPS) devices in its fleet to better monitor movement of vehicles. The move will help to despatch the ambulance that is nearest to a mishap site. The GPS devices can only be used by the officials for 108 ambulance services for monitoring the movement and the whereabouts of the ambulances . All vehicles would be connected through an application using GPS technology, which will give real time data on their whereabouts.

 R Kannan, District Manager of the 108 GVK EMRI emergency management service, Tiruchy zone, said, "Once a distress call reaches the operator the responder from the 108 services shall collect and type the address of the patients in the application, having that as a point the application shall show the near-by ambulances and through which the operator shall inform the nearest ambulance to attend the patient certainly increase the golden time to prevent deaths in casualty cases." He further stated that apart from monitoring the location of the vehicle, the application will enable the operator ro know whether the ambulances is transporting a patient or is free. Kannan added that the soft-ware can be used for monitoring the speed and the time of ignition of the ambulances, through which the misuse also can be prevented. When a vehicle cross-es the speed limit of 70 kilometres per hour an automated mo-bile alert shall reach the district coordinator. And also the movement history of the vehicle can be taken in a timeline.
Source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/20691680 

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