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GOLD GAIN Segregated waste collection improving

Image result for segregated waste collection trichyTHE segregated waste collection scheme launched by the urban civic body last month has been consistently improving both in terms of total waste collected for recycling and money generated by collecting and handing over non-biodegradable waste for reuse. The seventh week of success-fully implementing the dry waste collection process has fetched a sum of Rs 2.34 latch for sanitation workers across the 65 wards of Tiruchy Corporation. Unlike previous weeks, which were rife with com-plaints by residents about erratic collection of waste, Wednesday saw sanitation workers making use of whistles to alert locals to the arrival of door-to-door waste collection vehicles for non-biodegradable trash. The awareness among residents to hand over waste in a segregated manner is increasing every week. Residents themselves are coming forward to provide us with plastic waste in a separate bag." R Laxmi, a Ithajamalai sanitation worker, said. As last week's non-biodegradable waste collection weighed about 106.5 tonne, Wednesday brought in 112.96 tonne across the 65 wards. Three residents - Rajeshwari, Saravanan and Rajamani - respectively, from wards 16, 18 number 8 were awarded. 

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