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Glitch in airport EDI facility stalls cargo movement

Image result for trichy cargoRATHER than facilitating the process of export, the Electronic Data Interface facility at the Tiruchy International Airport has only led to a stagnation. A problem with the server linking the facility to the mainframe in New Delhi has led the exporters to send their goods to the respective destinations through alternative channels by going to other air-ports. As many as 22 tonnes of commodities that are sent every day from the airport are affected due to the non-functioning of EDI facility Exporters are demanding
for the manual facility to be brought back for few days. Almost all the perishable commodities that were sent from the airport were to countries such as Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and Maldives. Though there is no dedicated service from the Tiruchy Airport, most of the passenger aircraft carry the
cargo along with the regular cargo. The Tiruchy International Airport is on a record with cargo exports registering a 4.5 per cent rise than the previous year with a total of 6965 tonnage being handled last year. Exporters in Tiruchy complained that for the past two days since the introduction of EDI .
Why Tiruchy suffers? Exporters in Tiruchy complained that for the past two days since the Introduction of EDI not a single consignment has been transported to the destinations by the flights. Almost 35 tonnes of cargo stagnant
single consignment has been trans-ported to the destinations by the flights. A senior official from the AAI said a total of 35 tonnes of cargo meant to be exported were stopped from the Tiruchy airport. All these years the entire process was being done manually, it takes at least a month for the ex-port benefits to be credited to the bank. The exporters were all mostly preferring the Chennai route and other airports where they get their clearance and then sent via Tiruchy in which the benefits are availed of within a week. "Since the Tiruchy airport is known for exporting perishable commodities
the introduction of EDI was to pave way for other goods traders to export witnessing the benefits in a rap id manner," added an AAI official. With all the infrastructure provided by the AAI such as separate servers, workstations and a officer from the Customs, the whole EDI facility for the exporters who can all register to avail of the benefits has come to a nought. An exporter from the Tiruchy airport, seeking anonymity, said the Customs can bring up the manual facility until the problem is sorted, however, none of them is co-operating.
Source: epaper new indianexpress.com/c/20245115 

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