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Flyover mooted on highway

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has received requests for construction of a flyover at Ganesa Point at the entry of the BHEL Township on the Tiruchi-Thanjavur National Highway.

The BHEL had been pursuing the proposal for years now with the NHAI to prevent accidents at the location where a large traffic island was constructed years ago, in fact, for the same purpose.

After a few accidents that took place during 2012 and 2013, the NHAI had put up warning boards on both sides of the Tiruchi-Thanjavur highway and reflectors on the railings of the traffic island as a preventive measure.

Officials said that though the shape of the traffic island was designed in conformity with the space for manoeuvre, accidents keep happening at periodic intervals due to overspeeding.

According to sources in BHEL, the loss of lives used to be high prior to construction of the traffic island.


Nevertheless, questions keep arising on the adequacy of space for natural vehicle paths and whether the traffic island causes a danger on the roadway.

The idea is to remove the traffic island for seamless connectivity between the township and industry once the flyover is in place, sources said.

The BHEL has also impressed upon the NHAI the imperative need for construction of a similar flyover at Training Centre Junction Point, where accident deaths happen at frequent intervals, it is learnt.

A senior official of National Highways Authority of India confirmed that they have received the request from the BHEL for the flyovers, but a proposal has not been drawn up yet.


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