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Facelift to govt med college

The Tiruchy district administration would soon set up a committee consisting of philanthropists and public figures with a corpus fund of INR 1  crore for the development of Dr K.- A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College Hospital (Kapvg-mch) here, said the col-lector Mr. K Rajamani. After a visit to the hospital on Saturday, where ophthalmology experts performed a corneal transplantation surgery for the first time to two needy patients successfully, Mn Rajamani said the corpus Rind would be generated apart from the contribution of the philanthropists and corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds from the public sector under-takings. He also announced that similar projects would also be established for upgrading the Government Headquarters hospital at Manaparai.Mr.Rajamani also commenced the "Switch on" procedure for ten deaf-mute children, who have undergone Coc-hlear Implant surgery, and said that efforts would be made for creating a sewage water treatment plant for 'Kapvgmch' at an estimated co-st of r 1.5 crore, besides a hostel exclusively for backward glass girl stu-dents of 'Kapvgmch'. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Paarthiban Purushothaman head Department of Ophthalmology 'Kapvgmch' said that the Tamil Nadu government has grant-ed permission to start an eye bank at the hospital, in order to cater to the people from all walks of life. This is the first Government eye bank in Tiruchy district. He said there are
about 18.7 million blind people in India of which one per cent due was due to corneal blindness that could be treated by corneal transplant surgery. Mrs. Najimunisha of Tiruchy and Palaniyandi of suburb Mekkudi suffering from corneal blindness, underwent the corneal transplantation surgery, which could provide vision in one eye making their lives better, he added. Speaking on the occasion, Dr S.Palaniappan, profes-sor and head of ENT department at 'Kapvgmch' said they have per-formed 40 Cochlear Imp-lant surgeries to needy children in the last five months. Dr G. Anitha, dean-In-charge of 'Kapvgmch', in her address appealed to the Tiruchy district collector to sort out the water crisis in their campus and to set right the faulty lifts.

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