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CHEERS puts the smile back on faces of children

MORE often these days, child workers aged below 14 are likely to be spotted on the city's streets. The public are seldom keen on helping hem and in most cases, government officials conduct surprise checks, find the children and bring them to the main-stream through a proper school education. Over a period of time, the Child Labour Elimination and Effective Rehabilitation Society (CHEERS) in the district has brought 623 children aged from nine to 14 back into the main-stream through school education. The rescued children are now learning at 25 centres in district schools. About 112 children in 2016-17 and over 92 in the 2015-16 have been rescued and brought to the mainstream. A team led by CHEERS for the National Child Labor Programme (NCLP), functioning un-der the Ministry of Labour and Employment, routinely travels around the district to rescue children who have been made to work. Speaking to Express, a CHEERS official said child work-ers can be spotted near Thiru-verumbur Khajapettai, Valluvar Colony, Senthaneerpuram Bridge, Tiruchy International Airport and its surrounding areas
"We have rescued children who have migrated from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and are now receiving a school education in Manachanallur and Nagamangalam, respectively," said the official. A special centre has been established at No.1 Tollgate along Samava wain Road for children

from the Narikuravas community, where over 40 kids are being educated, the official said. Many children have beenasked to continue their studies all the way to Class MI. Rescued child workers aged between five and eight will be directly linked to the school and those between nine and 14 rehabilitated through NCLP Special Training Centres (STCs). After receiving training, the children would be shepherd-ed into the formal education system.
A search operation to spot the missing and homeless children, Operation MUSKAAN-III was started across the country from July 1 for the third consecutive year. According to official sources, the operation comes under the purview of Anti-Trafficking Cell and over nine homeless children were iden-tified in Tiruchy district. The Child Welfare Committee, ChildLine 1098 Centre, CHEERS, District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) will Jointly function to rescue the homeless and missing.
Fountain head of child labour
Khajapettai Valluvar colony
Senthaneerpuram bridge
International airport


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