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Borewell operators make hay as groundwater dips

“Residents, who had dug up 30 to 40 feet, have been forced to dig beyond 100 feet”

With the groundwater table fast depleting due to drought, there has been a huge demand for sinking borewells in Tiruchi.

Besides a few small players, there are 10 organised borewell operators in the city.

Though there is no notable change in the calls being received for new borewells for construction activities, operators are witnessing a rise in calls for deepening existing borewells. Summer is the peak time for borewell operators usually and this year there has been a spurt in demand due to drought.

The groundwater table has fallen in almost all areas in the city. The problem is acute in K. K. Nagar, L. I. C. Nagar, Central Bus Stand area, Beema Nagar, Srirangam, Thiruvanaikoil, Chinthamani, Karur Bypass Road, Annamalai Nagar, Kumaran Nagar and Woraiyur.

“We have got very many calls for deepening the existing borewell during the last few months. It is mainly because of rapid depletion of groundwater table. The residents, who had dug up 30 to 40 feet bore, have been forced to dig the bore beyond 100 feet. The situation is unprecedented in Tiruchi,” said J. Jayaram of Vallalar Bore Wells.

In 2015-16, borewells of 120 feet was sufficient to draw abundant water in Bheema Nagar. But now they have to be sunk to a depth of 300 to 400 feet to find water.

Till January water was available within 20 to 30 feet at Kambarasampettai, where a check dam was built across the Cauvery river for shoring up some water to provide periodical wetting to the Corporation’s drinking water sources on the river bed. But now the water table has gone beyond 50 feet even in Kambarasampettai.

M. Prabu of Kalaimagal Bore Wells said that more than 50% of the calls that they received was mainly for deepening the borewells. Calls have been received from areas, which were once considered as safe zones in terms of water source.

The huge demand for borewells has had cascading impact on the cost.

A resident of Rock Fort area said that the borewell in his house had gone dry. The operators were demanding about ₹70,000 for digging the same to 300 feet and he could not afford it.


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