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At Tiruvanaikoil, a road that is no longer serviceable

Movement of sand lorries has caused extensive damage to the road

Frequent movement of heavy goods carriers, especially sand trucks, has caused extensive damage to the service road along the Tiruchi-Chennai Bypass road at Tiruvanaikoil here.

The small stretch situated at the entrance of the city from the direction of Chennai presents a pathetic look due to its damaged state, forcing motorists to avoid taking the road.

Heavy deposits of sand on the service road due to frequent movement of trucks transporting sand from the Coleroon river has also made it uneven.

Those working in the vicinity attribute the worse condition of the road to the heavy movement of sand lorries plying in the area daily. A mud road nearby leads to the Coleroon river where the river sand is lifted from a quarry by rows of lorries every day.

Lorries awaiting their turn to lift sand from the nearby Coleroon river can be seen parked in a row along the service road.

The bad condition of the service road stretching to a distance of about 100 metres is hardly used by motorists except by those filling fuel in a nearby station situated along that stretch.

The service road cannot withstand over a period of time the heavy movement of goods carriers transporting tonnes of sand continuously, said a National Highways Authority of India official.

There is a difference in the standard with respect to the main carriageway and that of a service road laid along the highway. The service road has suffered extensive wear and tear primarily due to movement of sand trucks, the official said adding that steps would be taken to rectify it to make it motorable again.

“Movement of sand lorries should not be allowed on the service road at Tiruvanaikoil. The trucks should be directed to take the main road while transporting sand and to reach the quarry,”said Mr. K. Ganesan, a resident.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/at-tiruvanaikoil-a-road-that-is-no-longer-serviceable/article19256401.ece

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