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AIIMS site to be chosen by ‘Challenge Method’

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The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has confirmed that the choice of site for AIIMS in Tamil Nadu will be made based on the ‘Challenge Method’, under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana.

A letter sent recently by the Ministry in response to queries made under RTI Act by the president of Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations, Tiruchi, M. Sekaran, states that the suitability of one of the five sites proposed by the State Government would be determined based on 10 parameters.

Ten parameters

Out of 100 marks, weightage is split for the undermentioned parameters as per Challenge Method: Early availability of suitable land – 15 marks, provision of utilities (power, water supply etc) – 5, health indicators and gap in tertiary health care facilities – 20, connectivity (rail/airport/road) – 15, primary and secondary healthcare facilities nearby – 10, accessibility of school / college facilities – 10, employment opportunities for family – 5, fast track single window for clearances – 5, and unallocated (to be suitably considered by the selection committee) – 10.

The Health Ministry has clarified that it had sought information on the sixth and seventh parameters through a communication sent during May.

The sixth is regarding accessibility of school and college facilities, along with specific details of schools, colleges, universities, and professional courses, and the seventh parameter pertains to availability of employment opportunities for family of faculty members.

Industrial commercial activities in the city would be relevant aspect for determining availability of jobs, the letter sent by the Ministry to the Government states.

To a query from Mr. Sekaran on whether Union Ministers or MPs had given their recommendations on the site for AIIMS, the RTI reply states thus:

“No such information is available in compiled form. If you so desire, you can inspect the records available in this office.”


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