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400 water bodies mapped across Tiruchy district

Image result for water management practices NABARDTHE National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Jal Doot (Water Ambassadors) campaigns across 16 districts of the State to promote water management practices concluded here on Saturday. A booklet with water re-source map locating the presence of water bodies in 404 pan-chants, has been handed over to the district administration. The booklet was to carry out the necessary infrastructure works for efficient water management. Farmers are in dire need of solutions like drought-resistant crops and efficient water management systems to withstand climate changes in the coming years. Research by Asian Development Bank (ADB) has indicated that storms across Cauvery delta region could increase 19 per cent and that average maximum temperature could increase by 1.5 degree Celsius. Even though an average annual rainfall of 800 nun to 1,200 mm lashes the delta districts, 95 per cent of the surface water and 85 per cent of groundwater
is being exploited due to heavy demands. To promote judicious usage of available water for farming, rather in June 2017, NABARD initiated a synchronized, month-long water conservation awareness campaign. The water conservation programme was initiated across all panchayats here through 45
We sensitised farmers through resource persons from Centre for Environment Education In Ahmedabad and we believe that such programmes would improve water management practices
S Suresh Kumar, NABARD
Water Ambassadors. With the awareness campaign coming to a conclusion, the ambassadors, along with lo-cal villagers who were told to map all the disappeared, avail-able, and deteriorating water bodies, explained their journey during in the campaign in a special briefing programme. Elaborating on the scope of the awareness initiative taken
up by NABARD for the first time ever, S N A Jinnah, Chief General Manager of NABARD, told Express; "Crop budget and crop selection plays a crucial role in water management practices, be it drought or monsoons." "With active participation of local villagers, we have sensitised the farmers to cultivate crops according to soil condition and water availability in the particular locality," he said. NABARD officials in Tiruchy added that exclusive action plans for 404 panchayats in the district is in place. The officials further said that required maintenance and new infra-structure works would be car-ried out in feasible places . The work on the core sector would be carried out with joint efforts from the State and the Central governments. "During the survey, demands for minor check dam and bunds surfaced most," S Suresh Kumar, Assistant General Manager, NABARD said. After scrutiny, the action plans and funds to be sanctioned for water infrastructure works would be decided by NA-BARD, he added.
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