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3 more get gold for segregating waste

(Three residents who won gold coins for adhering to Corporation's schedule of source segregation of waste I AI )
TIRUCHY Corporation on Wednesday awarded three gold coins to three residents for extensively supporting the civic body in revised solid waste management (SWM) practices, being pursued for over a month. As the scheme was to reward residents for a year with a gold coin every week, it has since been expanded to three persons from this week. The awardees were selected on the basis of a draw An exclusive WhatsApp number (84894-44400) has been launched for residents to participate in the competition of segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Unlike the usual practice in which sanitation workers dur-ing door-to-door collections of waste receive garbage that contains both biodegradable (vegetable and food waste) and non-biodegradable (plastic covers and bottles), since the first week of June, they have been collecting biodegradable waste every day except Wednesdays. That day has been set aside to collect dry non-biodegradable waste. The civic body launched the competition for city residents in the first week of July. But due to the massive interest, the number of winners has been raised t. three. Winners of the 1-gm gold con are M Ramkumar, Julie of Ward 9 in Melachintamani and Vijayakumar of Thaiyalkara Streetin Ward 18. They placed th.ewaste in the respective categories before handing them over b garbage collectors.
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