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Kallikudi market to open from tomorrow

Trichy: A portion of the Kallikudi integrated vegetable allotted for the farmer producers organisation (FPO) will open to the public on Wednesday. The agricultural business and agriculture marketing department here has found takers to occupy 87% of the shops in the complex and have encouraged interested farmers to occupy the facility. Of the 830 shops, 726 have been occupied.
The district administration had received requests from 61 FPOs to occupy shops in Kallikudi market for selling vegetable, fruits and value-added products. After scrutiny, each of the FPOs were allotted two shops.
This apart, 136 wholesale and retail vegetable traders including from Gandhi market were identified in a tender floated recently, and were allotted 408 shops. In 2018, 216 shops were allotted to the traders who were paying monthly rents till July.
“Wholesale of vegetables should kickstart along with FPOs, only then the patronage from the public will improve. The district administration should complete the maintenance work before opening the market,” former agriculture minister Ku Pa Krishnan said.
Since the Madras high court has told the district administration to shift the congested Gandhi market to Kallikudi on the outskirts, officials are under compulsion to open the market before the next hearing on September 14.
Taking note of the previous attempts to open the market that failed to sustain because of poor patronage, officials said they would spread the news on its opening through the public address system.
“We are also in talks with Gandhi market traders to occupy the Kallikudi market alongside FPOs on Wednesday. Bus connectivity will be ensured from Chathiram and Central bus stands to make the market operational,” a senior official with agriculture business department said.

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Anonymous said...

If government take steps to bring integrated bus stand near kallikudi area, then the traders who opposes will automatically shift to kallikudi market from Gandhi market. Also the Trichy city will extend.

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