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NIT-T to introduce B.Tech. (Honours)

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National Institute of Technology - Tiruchi (NIT-T) is looking forward to introducing B.Tech (Honours) programme from the current academic year.

“The new academic programme will allow students to additionally choose specialised courses of their choice and build their competence in a specialised area,” its Director Mini Shaji Thomas said. In doing so, it was adapting to the practices adopted by world-class universities.

The students opting for this programme have to take four additional courses of their specialisation of a minimum of three credits each from fifth to eighth semesters with not more than two additional courses in a semester.

The faculty advisor will suggest the additional courses to be taken by the students based on their choice and level of their academic competence, as per the AICTE regulations for B.Tech (Honours) programme.

B.Tech. students in regular stream can opt for B.Tech. (Hons.), provided they have a CGPA of 8.0 up to the end of fourth semester without any history of arrears.

The student can also opt for post graduate level courses, the AICTE regulations state.

The NIT-T, Prof. Mini Shaji Thomas said, will also introduce B.Tech with minor specialisations. Students, who are desirous of pursuing their special interest areas other than the chosen discipline, could opt for additional courses in minor specialisation groups offered by a department other than their parent department.

The number of credits to be earned for minor specialisation is 12. The students are permitted to register for their minor specialisation courses from the V semester onwards subject to a maximum of two additional courses per semester.

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