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NIT-T asks IIIT-Tiruchi to move out

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Faced with the challenge of increasing intake of students by hundreds every year due to implementation of EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) quota, National Institute of Technology - Tiruchi (NIT-T) has requested Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Tiruchi, which has been functioning on its campus for the last few years, to look for an alternative location.

The IIIT-Tiruchi that started functioning from 2013 on the campus of Bharathidasan Institute of Technology was accommodated by NIT-T in its fold in 2016, as a mentoring institution. The IIIT-Tiruchi that was started with three B.Tech programmes - ECE, CSE and IT and a few M.Tech programmes - had to shed some of the offerings due to space constraint. Now, it offers only two programmes - B.Tech ECE and CSE, with truncated intake of 30 each every year against the sanctioned strength of 60.

The III-T Tiruchi was accommodated in a new building on NIT-T Campus, which was originally constructed for start of a school to cater to an overall student strength of about 250.

Now that the NIT-T is moving forward with the idea of implementing the ‘Study in India’ programme that envisages facilitation of internationalisation of higher education in India, the IIIT-Tiruchi is faced with the predicament of moving out of the NIT-T campus, though no deadline has been fixed, sources said.

The NIT-T has conveyed its position in the wake of increased admissions under EWS and plans for ‘Study in India’ programme. We are on the lookout for alternatives, Director of IIIT-T Narasimha Sarma said.

On its part, the IIIT-Tiruchi has expedited the process of creation of infrastructure in the permanent campus in Sethurapatti. The permanent layout has been accepted and the Central Public Works Department is expected to commence works soon. However, since the CPWD will require at least a year to complete the process of construction, the IIIT-Tiruchi is on the lookout for a convenient alternative location for rent within the approved amount.

On their part, the students of IIIT-Tiruchi intend to remain in the NIT-T campus till the permanent campus is ready, it is learnt.

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