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Srirangam, KK Nagar most preferred residential locations

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TRICHY: The majority of the projects to be taken up soon in Trichy will be in Srirangam, KK Nagar, and Vayalur road localities. Denizens and Non-Residential Indians (NRI) prefer affordable projects near religious centres and educational institutes making the places in high demand among buyers.

The real estate developers said that the demand from affluent NRIs to buy a house for their parents near temples such as Ranganathaswamy temple and Jambukeswarar temple pushes the developers to opt Srirangam for new projects. Even as Srirangam is already the most populous zone of Trichy corporation, people still prefer the island located between the Kollidam and Cauvery for several reasons. Availability of groundwater even in summer, presence of land to develop, and sizeable population of senior citizens encourage the retired officials to settle here. These factors contribute to the dominance of Srirangam in real estate scene for over a decade. "Religious people, mostly the senior citizens, prefer to live here as the temples in Srirangam host festivals and rituals through the year," Suresh Venkatachalam, a native of Srirangam said.

Since the limited availability of land makes the real estate projects in the heart of the city expensive, a section of salaried people and NRIs considers purchasing residential projects in KK Nagar. "After KK Nagar, Vayalur Road is a preferred location for residential projects. New residential projects in Thillai Nagar will be expensive as it has become a commercial hub and the availability of land is limited," S Anand, president of Credai Trichy said.

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