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Tiruchi airport goes green, taps solar power

Eco-friendly: Anuj Aggarwal , Member (HR), Airports Authority of India, inspecting the solar plant in Tiruchi International Airport on Friday. Airport Director K. Gunasekaran is seen.

The Tiruchi international airport has taken the green route by harnessing solar power to meet its electricity requirements to the extent possible and bring down its huge electricity bill. The move is also aimed at conserving power and protecting the environment.

The Airports Authority of India has established a one mega watt ground-based solar power plant at the airport to harness green energy. The plant is expected to generate 15.4 lakh units per annum which is 25% of the airport's annual energy consumption.

Established at a cost of ₹4.63 crore, the solar plant was commissioned by Anuj Aggarwal, Member (HR), Airports Authority of India, on Friday. Airport Director K. Gunasekaran and senior AAI officials were present on the occasion.

The anticipated cost savings per year for the airport is ₹1.23 crore and the payback period expected of this plant was three years and nine months. Once the plant starts functioning, Airports Authority of India is anticipating a minimised green house gas emission, thereby contributing towards the country's goal of minimising environmental degradation, a press release said.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, Mr. Gunasekaran said Tiruchi international airport was the first among the non-metro airports in the southern region to establish a one mega watt solar plant.

Ambulances donated
The Airports Authority of India handed over two ambulances to the Mahatma Gandhi Government hospital at Tiruchi under its Corporate Social Responsibility scheme. The ambulances, costing ₹30 lakh, were donated on a request from the district administration, Mr. Gunasekaran said.

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