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Palms to add beauty to roadside park

Workers engaged in beautification work at the roadside park on Lawsons Road in Tiruchi on Tuesday.

As a part of beautification of landscapes, the Tiruchi Corporation has successfully replanted small palms at a roadside park on Lawsons Road.

The roadside vacant site had been used by motorists to park vehicles and two-wheelers for so long. Even heavy vehicles were used to be parked there. To avoid room for occupying the site, the civic body planned to set up a roadside park by planting palms and hired a New Delhi-based consultant to execute the project.

The exercise, which began about a month ago, is nearing completion. As many as 20 palms have been planted. Provision has been made to water the palms regularly. The remaining area of the site has been provided with paver blocks to add beauty to the park.

Though the plants started withering during the first few days of planting, they seem to have revived with intensive watering, and green leaves have sprouted. “Palms are drought-resistant. Once the roots go deeper, they will stand for years together. Moreover, they will certainly add value to the landscape,” a senior official told The Hindu.

Sanitary workers have been designated to water the plants daily. Based on the success, a few more roadside parks would be developed by growing small palms, the official added.

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