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No entry fee for private vehicles entering Srirangam from April 1

In a significant move, the Tiruchi City Corporation has decided to stop levying entry fee for private passenger vehicles (with registration numbers other than Tiruchi) entering Srirangam.

Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran signed an order on Monday. As per the order, the practice of collecting entry fee into the town on behalf of the Corporation would be withdrawn from April 1. The civic body would not call for auction for issuing license to collect the entry fee any longer.

The move comes following a spate of complaints over collection of exorbitant toll fee and frequent quarrels between the toll collectors and vehicle owners. Moreover, residents have been demanding the abolition of the practice for long.

Collection of entry fee has been in force even before the erstwhile Srirangam municipality was merged with Tiruchi when it was upgraded as Corporation about 29 years ago. The Corporation conducted auction for every three years to fix contractor for entry fee collection.

The licensee was allowed to collect fee only from vehicles registered in other districts.

The fee was being collected at three points such as Amma Mandapam Road in Mambazhasalai, Gandhi Road in Srirangam and Kollidam Flood Bank Road in Thiruvanaikoil.

Mr. Ravichandran told The Hindu that there would be no collection of entry fee for vehicles visiting Srirangam from April 1.

The Corporation would lose ₹40 lakh every year for doing away with entry fee collection. However, the decision would benefit thousands of tourists. It would avoid unnecessary complaints from tourists and residents.

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