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Waste management practice lauded

Manure from waste:Justice P. Jyothimani, chairperson, and other members of NGT Regional Monitoring Committee for Solid Waste Management, inspecting the micro compost yard in Tiruchi on Thursday.M. SrinathM_SRINATH

Solid waste management practices adopted by Tiruchi Corporation came in for appreciation from the chairperson of National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) Regional Monitoring Committee for Solid Waste Management (Southern States), Justice P. Jyothimani, on Thursday.

The 16-member committee, led by Justice Mr. Jyothimani, inspected the micro compost yard and door-to-door collection of solid wastes in the city, ahead of the panel’s fourth meeting here on Thursday. “We inspected five places and we are extremely happy. We found that methods adopted in Tirupati and Bengaluru are also being followed here. We found that the people here are cooperating well. We are told that source segregation is 100% in Tiruchi; it is a remarkable feat,” Justice Mr.Jyothimani said in his opening remarks at the committee meeting later.

He said the regional committees for solid waste management (SWM) were formed by the NGT on finding that the SWM Rules, 2016, were not being implemented as desired. The NGT had directed the regional monitoring committees to ensure that SWM principles were implemented as per rules. The Committee (Southern States) held three meetings in Chennai, Bengaluru and Tirupati, where it also inspected mechanisms followed by the local body so that their best practices could be identified and, if possible, replicated in their respective States.

Solid waste management was going to be a big problem in future, the reason why the NGT had evolved a principle of inter-generational equity - whatever we enjoy from Nature today, we have a responsibility to pass them on to the future generations. “We have no business to destroy Nature and SWM is a way to protect it,” he said.

He affirmed that capping (of solid waste), however scientific, was not permissible. Restoration of land to the maximum extent was the rule. Dumping was not acceptable too. Reuse, restricted use and incineration were the methods to be followed. Air Act and Water Act could also be brought under the purview of the committee. There must be coordinated efforts for better implementation of Solid waste management for the benefit of people, he said.

Earlier, the committee visited the compost yard at Kuzhumikarai where biodegradable waste is processed and made into organic manure. The Corporation has set up many such yards across the city to micro manage solid waste processing and disposal. The team also inspected the QR (Quick Response) code enabled door-to-door collection of solid waste from households in Thillai Nagar and other areas. Harmander Singh, Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Water Supply; G. Prakash, Commissioner of Municipal Administration; and N. Ravichandran, Corporation Commissioner, briefed the committee members.


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