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Tiruchy to adopt e-filing of cases from Jan

AMONG all district courts in the State, Tiruchy is to soon introduce a centralised digital case filing mechanism in January The mechanism is currently in use only in Supreme Court and High Courts. The mechanism speeds up the process of filing cases much faster than the current manual methods in use and will make the district court go digital. Another benefit is litigants from rural areas will be able to easily file a case.

Speaking to Express, C Jayaseelan, secretary Tiruchy Bar Association, said, "At present, case details and judgements are uploaded to an edatabase allowing lawyers and people to access details through the e-court website and Android application. As a next step, we are bringing efiling of cases though a digital format by centralising the filing system. Advocates can file any case with the e-cen-tre in court instead of doing a manual filing with the concerned court administrative officers. E -service data will be handled by the National Judicial Academy" He added the current system is more advanced than High Court digital filing practices.

Advocates are asked to fill case details on a coding sheet which is then uploaded by staff. But with the new system, details will be uploaded directly in the presence of the advocate. "Being the first district court to have such a facility we have placed a special team and service centre on the court premises. Centralised digital filing of cases shall be implemented in the first week of January. Currently, all the details of old cases are being uploaded to the database. Special training programmes are being conducted for advocates on digital filing of cases," said Jayaseelan.

Speaking on the merits of the system, N Jayaraman, additional public prosecutor of subordinate courts in Tiruchy, said, "The filing of a case has been a major burden for advocates as it is time-consuming and the lawyer has to visit each court in per-son for the filing. With the new method, filing has been simplified as we can file all cases from the e-centre in the court. Also, when a case is transferred from the district court to the high court, the process takes a mini-mum of one week. With digital e-filing , case details can be sent in hours."
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