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Flight grounded at Trichy airport as replacement engine stuck in customs

Trichy: It has been more than a week since a Singapore-bound Scoot Tiger Air was grounded at the Trichy International Airport owing to failure of one of the engines on December 3. An alternate engine which was brought to Chennai airport from Hong Kong – en route to Trichy, has been sitting at the Chennai airport owing to delay in getting clearance from the customs department, airline authorities said.
The Singapore bound Scoot Tiger Air TR-567 which arrived on December 3 was grounded as the flight developed some snag as it was about to take-off. It came to light that one of the two engines had failed. Following that, passengers on-board were sent by another flight.

The alternate engine to replace the faulty one had been brought to Chennai airport from Hong Kong on a wide-body aircraft on December 5. As the Trichy airport cannot handle wide body aircrafts, the engine was diverted to Chennai. It was decided to bring the engine from Chennai to Trichy by road, sources from Scoot air said.

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According to sources from the Chennai international airport, the customs department was supposed to provide clearance for the engine on December 7. However, citing improper documentation, they had rejected the papers and refused to clear the consignment. It was supposed to be cleared again on December 10, but delayed further for the same reason.

“Last Friday they (Customs) had commenced the process to clear it. However, it got delayed reportedly due to incomplete documentation on the part of airliners,” a senior official from Chennai airport said.

When contacted, a senior official from Scoot Tiger Air at the Trichy airport said they expected everything to be set right within two or three days.

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