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11 accident-prone spots marked on two highways

Concerned over recurring accidents, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to put in place a slew of remedial measures at six accident-prone ‘black spots’ along Tiruchi-Dindigul national highway and five along Tiruchi-Madurai national highway in the district.

The two important stretches witness a significant movement of passenger and freight movements every day. The locations were identified after a road safety expert team appointed by the NHAI, New Delhi, inspected them and suggested a host of measures depending on the requirements for each spot.

The possibility of accidents at the 11 black spot locations would get eliminated once the remedial measures were in place.

The locations identified along Tiruchi-Dindigul NH are Navalurkuttapattu (on the outskirts of Tiruchi city), Chatrapatti, Vannankoil, Karuttupatti, Seshalur and near Vaiyampatti Government Hospital. The locations chosen along Tiruchi-Madurai NH are Nagamangalam, Alundur, Valanadu Kaikatti, Kallamedu and Soriyampatti.

Remedial measures

The national highways are dotted with villages and farmlands and diversion roads linking rural parts. The remedial measures would be carried out at junction points and near median openings to curb accidents.

Provision of service roads on either side of the main carriage way, increasing the width of refuge island for safe passage of pedestrians across the road, clearing visual obstructions on either side of median opening, provision of speed table arrangement on branch roads as speed calming measure, providing staggered type junction with adequate entry-exit radius, provision of rumble strips and solar blinkers besides high mast light were among the measures planned, said an official.

The remedial measures had been planned after detailed analysis to suit the requirement of each black spot location, the official said. The work would commence early next year and expected to be completed in six months.

The NHAI had sanctioned a little over Rs. 6 crore to carry out the location-specific modifications, a senior NHAI official here told The Hindu . The NHAI had also decided to construct vehicular underpasses, each costing Rs. 20 crore, at a couple of chosen locations along Tiruchi-Madurai national highway. Lands would have to be acquired for the construction of the underpasses, the official added.

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