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Give permission to lift sand from Cauvery, urge bullock cart operators

They have urged the government to open a quarry near Vengur and Mullaikudi in Tiruchi district.

Bullock cart operators owing allegiance to the Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam, affiliated to the Communist Party of India, on Monday urged the district administration to open a separate quarry for loading sand on bullock carts on the Cauvery river near Vengur and Mullaikudi in the district.

In a representation to the district administration, T. A. Bala Madhavan, secretary, Tamil Nadu Tyre Bullock Cart Farmers Association, said nearly 1000 small and marginal farmers of Vengur, Natarajapuram, Koothaipar, Keezha Mullaikudi, Sarkarpalayam, Ottakudi and Puthapuram were earning supplementary income during non agricultural season. The bullock cart operators were allowed to lift sand from the riverbed even after the government opened sand quarries on Cauvery bed. But it was stopped in 2012, severely affecting the livelihood of the bullock cart operators.

Subsequently, based on several representations the Collector permitted the bullock cart operators to lift sand at Sarkarpalayam. But this was suspended after the heavy discharge of water in the Cauvery a couple of months back.

Later, they were permitted to lift sand from Madhava Perumalkovil near Manachanallur.

But this site was far away from Tiruverumbur and the bullock cart operators were forced to travel nearly 50 km a trip.

This was also causing traffic congestion on the highways and bullock cart operators were finding it difficult to negotiate the roads. “Considering the difficulties, the district administration should allow us to lift sand from Vengur and Mullaikudi,” Mr. Bala Madhavan said in a representation to the Collector.


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