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Buses in bay for too long, linked to traffic woes

THE Central Bus Stand is choc-a-block with traffic. Buses bound for Villupuram and Karnataka that occupy the bays for several hours are considered the major contributors to this situation. Consumer Rights Movement member Maheswari Vaiyapuri said, "Central Bus Stand is an important location in the city. Buses from various districts use Tiruchy as a connecting point and add to the traffic cha-os. But with Villupuram and Karnataka buses parked on the premises for several hours without any special permission, the traffic situation has worsened." There are allegations that Villupuram bound buses arrive at the bays at least four hours ahead of departure while Karnataka buses remain in the bays for an entire day after an riving the previous night.

Vaiyapuri said police are not taking any action as a government organisation is responsible for this problem. 'All the buses come a few minutes be-fore departure but the Villupuram and Karnataka buses seem not to have any schedule and park for hours, even a day before their departure." he said. Government buses parked on the roadside obstructing entry is also a concern. Vaiyapuri asked the corporation and police to take action to ensure all government buses follow schedules to enter and exit the terminus. A traffic police officer said if buses entered and left at the right time, traffic will be smoother A transport official said,"During the Cauvery crisis, to protect Karnataka buses we allowed them to park inside. Now the crisis has blown over but the situation is continuing."
Source: epaper.newindianexpress.com/c/341801

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