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Birds head to airport in search of greenery

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Gale winds which recently lashed the city further reduced its green cover. Currently, the city has considerable greenery on the outskirts and in areas close to Tiruchy International Airport. This is likely to in-crease bird movements near the airport. While development has led to many frees being felled, less construction work near the airport has helped greenery to flourish there.

Also, several plots near the airport premises are under government control which limits uncontrolled felling of trees in the area "Since we lost more trees in other parts of the city due to the heavy winds, bird activity near the airport will increase. The airport complex is like a mini forest with a sufficient number of tress. I recorded presence of birds such as the Asian Palm Swift, Black Kite, Black-Shouldered Kite, Oriental Skylark, Spotted Owl, Rock Pigeon and several other species on the airport premises," said Ashoka Chakkaravarthy, who has conducted studies on bird species at the airport. Several environmentalists pointed out the need for planting more frees.

"We lost more than 30 trees in the city. Uncontrolled expansion without any concern for the environment will create more damage. So, we have to plant more frees and efforts must be taken to protect those that are remaining," said KC B Neelamegham, an environmentalist who runs Thanneer, a water conservation organisation in Tiruchy. Sources said the airport is taking measures to keep birds away. "We are already using zone guns, reflective tapes, firecrackers and other deter-rents to facilities to keep birds away. This is done everyday and the situation is now manageable."

The presence of birds at the airport can prove hazardous to aircraft, particularly in the case of a bird hit to an engine. Sources in the For-est department said several government organisations like NHAI and PVVD often ignore directives and chop down trees for road expansion. 

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