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BDU holds back pay hike for faculty in constituent colleges

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Trichy: Bharathidasan University has refused to implement the seventh pay commission for regular employees of its constituent colleges though it has made it effective for its own employees. A total of 31 faculty members and a number of office staff who are on the regular pay rolls of the university have been denied about 20% to 30% hike in salary the only reason being that they work in the constituent colleges.

The university is citing the state government order asking it to maintain status quo in these colleges which are to be converted into government colleges for not implementing the revised pay. University sources told TOI that the state government had asked them to wait. However, the university has come under criticism from academicians for hesitating to implement the revised pay despite being an autonomous body which is not bound by government diktat. It is pointed out that Periyar and Alagappa universities have implemented the revised pay for regular faculty in their constituent colleges.

“A state-run university is an autonomous body which runs the show by managing its own resources unlike government or government aided colleges which get funds,” said a faculty member from Periyar university. When the revised pay has been implemented for government and government aided college teachers, what justification is preventing BDU from implementing it in its constituent colleges,” asked the faculty member.

An announcement was made by the state government to convert 41 constituent colleges governed by state-run universities into government colleges in June this year.

However, except for the announcement, there has not been any further progress all these months. “Considering the fact that the conversion is not going to happen in the near future, it is unfair to hold back our legitimate salary hike for the only reason that we work in the constituent colleges,” said a regular faculty from a constituent college.


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