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Vehicular underpasses to be built at two places

In an effort to curtail accidents and fatalities along Tiruchi-Madurai stretch of the Vellore-Thoothukudi National Highway 38, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has planned to construct vehicular underpasses at two places, identified as black spots where the frequency of road accidents was more.

A road safety experts team from New Delhi inspected the two locations and gave approval for construction of the two underpasses. One will be constructed between Manikandam and Alundur in Tiruchi district and the other at Munikoil Junction near Melur in Madurai district.

Rs. 36-crore work

A NHAI official said they have started preparing a detailed estimate for the construction of the underpasses on an total outlay of around Rs. 36 crore. The work would start once the project was sanctioned and funds allotted.
For a safe passage:Road safety experts from New Delhi have inspected the two locations and have given approval for construction of the two underpasses on the Tiruchi-Madurai highway.M. SrinathM_SRINATH
The NHAI has also planned to make reduction in storage lane at median openings on Tiruchi- Madurai and Tiruchi-Dindigul highways. It has identified five locations on the Tiruchi - Dindigul highway to make improvements and reduce the length of storage lane. The works would be carried out at Vaiyampatti, Seshalur, Karuttupatti, Vannankoil, Navalurkuttapattu and Chathirapatti.

On the Tiruchi-Madurai highway, storage lane reductions would be carried out at median openings in Nagamangalam, Kaikatti, Kallamedu and Soriyampatti.

On Chennai highway

The NHAI has started work on constructing vehicular underpasses at Siruvachur near Perambalur and Asanur on Tiruchi-Chennai national highway at a cost of around Rs. 36 crore. A light vehicular underpass would also come up at Pali on Tiruchi-Chennai highway at a cost of around Rs. 8 crore.

The NHAI’s Project Implementation Unit of Tiruchi has identified 11 black spots in its jurisdiction on Tiruchi-Madurai , Tiruchi-Dindigul and Tiruchi- Chennai highways. A location is identified as black spot where the number of accidents reported is five or has witnessed 10 fatalities during the last three calendar years.


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