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Trichy kalaiarangam is converted into Multi-purpose hall.

New Look Hall.

Trichy kalaiarangam , Once the biggest cinema hall in India, is getting convert into a marriage and function hall.  The cinema hall was closed in last Jan 2016 due to administrative issues like rent, court cases etc and the collector Mr K. Rajamani decided to convert the theater into Multi-purpose hall. A sum of Rs 1.60 cross was allocated to renovate the hall to multi-purpose functions in a big way.

Work has been carried out to have a separate room for bride, groom, toilets along with new look tiles. The work has also carried out to fix the top counter leakages  and sound and light arrangement to look better. In total, The new hall have new look with better A/C, Eating Hall and Modern Kitchen.

The works are in the final stages where approach roads, fountain, beautification of entrance etc and work is going on full swing. Once all the work is completed, it will be rented out for Rs 1 Lakh and it will increase to Rs 1.5 Lakhs after six months . It will be open for general public use from Sept 12. It will be available for conducting marriage, events , government functions etc. The rent collected will be used for various government welfare schemes.

Source : Indian Express.

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