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City roads bear the brunt of overzealous partymen

Flag posts erected by a political party after drilling the Lawsons Road.C. Jaisankarrepoter

Unmindful of the damage caused to roads, political parties go on a spree and install flagpoles and erect banners raising concern among the residents of Tiruchi.

What is equally worrying the citizens is the inaction of the Tiruchi Corporation and the police, as several crores of money were spent on laying these roads.

Tiruchi has been the most preferred destination for political parties to organise public meeting thanks to its proximity and connectivity to most cities and towns in the State. Since Tiruchi is located at the centre of the State, political parties see it an important factor for mobilising cadre from different parts of the State for their programmes. But this very point, which is seen as advantage by political parties has become the bane for the residents of Tiruchi.

Though the practice of digging up roads has been in practice for long, citizens say that it has taken a new proportion in recent months. They allege that irrespective of political parties and affiliations, leading parties, including the ruling and main opposition parties, are seen vying with each other in digging up roads for erecting flag poles.

Some of the arterial roads including Collector Office Road, Lawsons Road, Anna Nagar link Road, Shastri Road, Karur By-pass Road and Karur Road were badly damaged as the DMK cadre had erected flagpoles and welcome banners for DMK president M. K. Stalin when he visited the city a few days ago. Power drillers were employed for drilling the roads to create holes to install flag posts.

The ruling AIADMK too did not spare these stretches. Several important roads were damaged when the party organised a rally for garlanding the statue of former Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai on Saturday.

The cadre of Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) also pitched in with their share by drilling holes in several arterial roads from a hotel on the Collector Office Road to Mela Chinthamani so as to erect flag posts and hoardings to welcome their leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran a few days ago.

The residents allege that the Tiruchi City Corporation and the police, which have been empowered to take action against those damaging public roads, have become mute spectators.

H. Ghouse Baig, a consumer activist, said that it was unfortunate that roads laid by spending several crores of taxpayers money were being repeatedly damaged. None of the concerned departments seem to be taking action against the offenders, he said and added that it was a high time that these unmindful and irresponsible actions were checked.


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