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City corporation speeds up civil work on UGD phase II

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Trichy: Having completed the procurement of materials to commence the second package of phase II of underground drainage (UGD) system, the civic body has expedited civil work to facilitate UGD connections. Among the 25 wards covered under the second package, work to install manholes and UGD chambers are underway in a couple of wards, while survey to install pipes has been progressing in other wards.

The city has been relying on storm water drains to discharge drainage since UGD is in place only in some parts of Trichy. To cover the entire city under an underground sewage network, the civic body has proposed to implement phase II and phase III of UGD. Subsequently, around Rs 344 crore was funded jointly by the urban local body, Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (TUFIDCO) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to facilitate phase II of UGD. UGDS phase II will cover 25 wards including 20 wards, which will be partially covered under a sewage network. Through the move, as many as 43,147 houses will get UGDS connections.

“Procurement of adequate materials such as manholes and underground pipes has been completed. The civil work is progressing simultaneously in two wards where the survey was over,” a senior official with Trichy Corporation said. The covered areas under the second package include Viswas Nagar, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Ammaiyappa Nagar, and Natheershapallivasal.

Civil work to install UGD chambers, manholes, and pipes are underway in Viswas Nagar near Palpannai and Annamalai Nagar near Karur Bypass Road. The survey work to position pipes, manholes, and chambers are under way in around 23 wards. “Around 800 applications have been received to avail UGD connections in Ariyamangalam zone. A deposit of Rs 6.31 lakh was collected from residents who want UGD connection,” the official said. Officials said that works on package 1 and package 3 of phase II, and UGD phase III would commence in next few months.


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