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BHEL bans use of plastic in factory, township

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TRICHY: In a first among the townships owned by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) across the country, the Trichy unit has come forward to ban the use of plastic products in the factory as well as the township. The management of BHEL Trichy has sent circulars to commercial establishments in its township insisting them to avoid circulating and selling plastic products on the sprawling 1,500 acre complex.

The environment-friendly decision was said to be taken in view of state government’s recent announcement to ban non-biodegradable plastic products in the state from January 2019.

To make BHEL, Trichy a plastic-free zone, the management has planned to organise a series of programmes highlighting environment-friendly alternatives to plastic carry bags.

“We have already sent circulars to commercial units in the township insisting them to avoid circulating and selling plastic products. Pamphlets and announcements on the ban would sensitise residents and employees of the township to avoid plastic products such as cups, plates, and bags,” S Manoharan, deputy manager, administration & CSR, BHEL Trichy said.

The circulars have instructed shops to urge consumers to come along with cloth bags during purchase.

The ban on plastic products would apply for BHEL offices. With Trichy BHEL becoming the first among the 17 manufacturing units and 10 townships across the country to promulgate such ban, the management has plans to provide cloth bags in three different sizes for residents.

“Task forces will be formed to enforce the ban particularly in the entry points of manufacturing plant and township. Basically, the attempts to make BHEL Trichy a plastic-free zone would help residents to brace for the statewide ban from 2019,” Manoharan added.

Stating that the plan to penalise violations in plastic ban has not been decided yet, management said that awareness programmes would be conducted for employees and their families. Security personnel were also given instructions by BHEL Trichy not to permit plastic products inside the township from September 1.


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