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An overflowing drain that raises a stink

An overflowing drain close to Tiruchi railway junction.M. SrinathM_SRINATH
The malfunctioning of a drainage canal has once again come to the fore at the exit corner of the Tiruchi Railway Junction on Madurai road.

It is not an uncommon sight for the passers-by, shopkeepers and passengers to see drainage water flowing on the busy road, where a bus stop is also functioning.

This seepage results not just in spreading a stink but also blights the cleanliness image of the city.

The frothy seepage flows on the main road for more than a week. Although the quantum of drainage water has come down to an extent when compared to the first three days of the last week, it is yet to see a permanent resolution.

“The stink is unbearable and nauseating. It is not a good sight to see drainage flow in front of the popular railway junction,” says M. Manickavel of Palakkarai, who was waiting for a town bus at the bus stop on Madurai road on Thursday.

“The drainage system often become dysfunctional, thereby leading to stagnation of sewage water on the road. The bad smell that emanates from the area is tough for us to bear. It is polluting the environment,” a shopkeeper said.

It is not the first time that the issue has been noticed. It crops up very frequently. Whenever the drainage canal overflows and breaches, the authorities would visit the spot only to control the flow temporarily. No sincere attempts have been taken for finding a permanent solution, complain local traders and shopkeepers.

The shop keepers say that the issue has been taken to the notice of the Tiruchi Corporation and railway authorities several times but has not been resolved.

The city, which aims for top position in the clean city ranking, can not afford to see the issue crop again. A permanent solution should be found, they point out.

When asked, a senior official of the Tiruchi City Corporation said that the problematic area was under the Highways department.

Nevertheless, a permanent solution would be found very soon by involving all stakeholders including the Railways and the Highways, he pointed out.


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